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Employee Engagement : The way you treat your employees is how your employees will treat your customers.

According to a poll by Gallup

15% employees around the world actually engage in their jobs!

What about the 85%?

As per the business dictionary, ’’Employee engagement is the emotional connection, an employee feels towards his or her organization which tends to influence its behaviours and level of effort in work related activities’’.

The emotional aspect of employee engagement so well explained by Simon Sinek

‘’When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute’’.

So, employee engagement is about
1. How bound are employees to their work and co-workers?
2. How well employees are communicating and treating each other?
3. How can you boost employee’s emotional commitment towards their work?

Looking at the four levels of employee engagement:

Engaged and committed

These employees consider the organisation’s goals as their own and commit to their work. They love their work and are emotionally attached to the organization. They also feel a sense of responsibility towards fulfilling their goals and aspirations.

Engaged and not committed

Employees who are engage in their work but are not committed to the organization and vice versa. They like their job but are not motivated to actually perform the tasks. This may be due to internal conflicts, bad management etc.

Neither engaged, nor committed

They are neither emotionally attached to the organization. Nor are they driven to achieve their goals.

Actively Disengaged

These employees are working actively to weaken the prosperity of their own companies! They detest their work and try to create negative and toxic atmosphere in the office. They can also hamper the productivity of high performing individuals, resulting in downfall of an individual’s and team’s productivity. Hence affecting the overall company performance.

So how do we work?

By designing and implementing various employee engagement strategies that connects deep with the organizations goals of where it wants to be today and in the future.
The world as we see now, is said going forward will forever be viewed as the world before covid (BC) and after covid (AC). The world of work was always symbolized over the last few decades by the term we are familiar with and the term is VUCA; Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. That is how we defined the marketplace, the environment in which the businesses operated. And that is how we defined our talent practices.
Today it looks drastically different from it is now. Our key believes are
1. While challenges will come and go, learning should never stop.
2. There is an imminent need to relook at how we can improve the experience of our employees during and after this global crisis.
3. Employee engagement was never this critical.